If you are concerned about latex allergies  - no problem. Katie can provide alternative materials just bring it to our attention.

Products and the Environment

Latex balloons are made from a natural product tapped from rubber trees that are 100% biodegradable. 

Each year mature rubber trees are tapped for rubber in a way that does not cause damage to the tree.

During the balloon making process each part of the product is used.

Trees can be tapped for around 28 years ensuring a fully sustainable process.

Foil and plastic balloons are not so environmentally friendly so we do encourage to reuse the balloons - once they have served their purpose why not deflate and save them for another occasion. 

The balloon gas we use is a waste by-product, not the  pure grade helium used for medical purposes.

At Katie we are proud to promote the 'pin it' and 'bin it' moto and DO NOT condone the release of balloons into the atmosphere, especially the foil and plastic balloons, and any ribbons.

Polite Safety Reminder

Balloons are for decoration and smiles and not a toy so young children and pets should be supervised due to potential choking a suffocation hazards.  
The helium - although it is a non-toxic gas should not be inhaled as it could be harmful to health.

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